Mostrando postagens de Dezembro, 2010

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the house on the hill

Dried up rose

Planet Earth

Aerial map, London - 5-2

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Oyonnax revisited

Cuba Gallery: Abstract / art / green / water / fork / macro / photography

bruxelles les bains

Smiling Daisy

Urban redshirts

A different perspective...

Green Treefrog's Hideout

Look out, Crosby beach

Rip Curl Pro 2010 - Sequence

Koi Fishes flowing with Stream

summer days

The Semeru

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Némo à vélo : à fond la forme


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3) Hey, my camera is not a fish !

Fun Fair in Braunschweig, Germany (HDR)

After... the bath

La Familia: que no decaiga la fiesta

Cuba Gallery: Australia / Melbourne / urban / city / people / cinematic / street photography / natural lighting / smoke / vintage / retro / light / portrait / photography

I Want You, So Bad

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Rua Santa Justa & Castello San Jorge

Arirang North Korea

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lone surfer

Moonlight Sonata

These Eyes

Murele Child - Ethiopia